Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sofia’s BD 2014

Sofia BD pageDear Matt and Mar,

Well what can I say, yet another BD party for the both of you to attend, and both of your won’t remember this, but you two look forward to every party you were invited to, and  I mean every party… haa haa haa.

Sofia is Matt’s SHB friend as well as being our neighbour :-) So you two were really looking forward to this one.

On the day Mar decided to wear her favourite dress to the party, that is her ‘swimming dress’, haa haa haa, definitely the coolest girl there (physically cool of course, haa haa haa).

Matt got a bit too dramatic with the balloons, haa haa haa, with a shield, a gun, a sword, a belt and a helmet. Certainly a very dangerous person if you were living in Balloonville :-) unfortunately you are not lol.

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