Saturday, March 8, 2014

Knee replacement

Yaai knee op-02505Dear Matt and Mar,

It has been a few weeks since your grandmother (Gio’s mother) had a knee replacement, and she is doing fine, although still needing a walking frame to get around, but she is improving as each day passes. It hasn’t been the easiest of time for all of us, especially when the protesters at that time were still occupying that entire area surrounding the Chulalongkorn Hospital, but they were thoughtful enough to clear an access way to and from the hospital.

The hospital is one of the most famous in Thailand, famous for being the best public hospital and the busiest, famous for having the best teacher come doctors, famous for being one of the oldest hospital in Thailand. So we knew she was in good hands.

Yaai knee op-02496I haven’t been here since ever, and was immediately smitten by the design and the d├ęcor of the place, in some part it was like stepping back in time (in an absolutely good way), the small details were very refreshing although it was obviously old (but well maintained). In Thai, there is a word ‘Klung’, difficult to put an English translation to it, like an ‘aurora’ of the place, a feeling that you are in a special place.

So far so good, I think your mother is looking forward to having her mother walking unaided by the walking frame, and I think that should be soon.

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