Sunday, March 9, 2014

Hey, whose birthday was it anyway?

page BDDear Matt and Mar,

On one’s birthday, who needs a room full of great close friends, endless supply of alcohol beverages, loud thumping glorious music, and enough food to feed the ten thousands… :-) well… actually that all sounds rather gooooooddddd, haa haa haa haa haa haa, only kidding.

Actually, this was one of the best ever… I’d actually got my own cake haa haa haa… then I had to pretend not to notice anything while your mother and Matt ran around getting the cake, the candles and the plates ready.

I was then told to go out on the balcony (with a stunning clear, floor to ceiling glass door) and then pretended that I could not see Matt and your mother rushing and giggling all the way to the kitchen.

I was then told to act surprise when the lights went out (I should have won an Oscar for that performance), then came the best part, Matt gingerly toddling behind your mother pretending to hide my present under his shirt (which happened to stick out a mile) and Mar sitting on the sofa didn’t have a clue on what was going on.

As soon as Mar saw the burning coloured candles, she rushed off the sofa and ran to the small table where your mother had placed the cake. I have never heard such a brilliant ‘Happy Birthday’ rendition, flawless in the passion, and volume, unfortunately the tune was slightly off (by about 5 keys), in case of Mar, I think she was singing the song with the Martian’s lyrics, and you two were smiling all the way.

Guess who blew out the candles? Certainly wasn’t me… haa haa haa, it was hilarious… thank you for a brilliant BD in 2014… (after you two went to bed, your auntie was kind enough to stay a little longer to allow your mother and I to sneak out… haa haa haa).

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