Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Mar has Kidney Stones 3, Keeping Fingers Crossed

How many calories?
Dear Matt and Mar,

After all the extensive blood tests and urinal tests, all results came back pretty much normal. So the doctor was pretty stump and looks like there are 2 issues after all, the kidney stones are still there, and the thing to do is to monitor if they'll grow, a friend of mine had suggested for Mar to drink loads of Lime-Soda... haa haa haa, will certainly give it a try but I think Mar will spit it out across the room, haa haa haa.

The second issue is Mar perpetually suffering from urinal infection, the frequency is usually a week after we stop the course of antibiotics, right now it has been 2 weeks, and we are hoping the latest course of actions are working.

During the past couple of x-ray sessions, her stomach was, in the words of the doctor, "full of s%^#", and that could be obstructing the urinal passage, thus causing the infection. So for the past couple of weeks she has been taking some kind of a syrup to make her number two pass through easier, and secondly is to make sure that she consumes at least one litre of liquid per day, moreover your mother has to log down everything Mar eats and drinks.

So, right now we are keeping our fingers crossed, today Mar has an appointment with the doctor once again, and I am hoping there will be no surprises :-)

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