Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Mar has Kidney Stones 2

Rose Garden-01990-EditDear Matt and Mar,

Of course last evening’s topic of conversation was nothing but on this, Mar and your mother spent almost an entire day at the hospital and saw three Doctors. The first specialist she was sent to was a surgeon, the diagnostic was simply wrong, due to the transparency nature of the stones it was not correct to send your mother and Mar to a surgeon.

So the surgeon sent the both of them back to the GP, and then the GP sent them to yet another specialist, this time a kidney specialist (obviously, it would have been strange if they were sent to an optician). The stones are not operate-able as they are in the kidney’s wall (so the question in my head was how then does it blocks the urinal track causing the infection?).

The cause of this needs to be investigated, so blood sample was taken and today more urine sample will need to be collected. The lab result should tell us more on how to treat this, your mother and I will have many sleepless nights until the lab results are out… love you.

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