Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Nim’s Birthday Party :)

Dear Matt and Mar,

This past Sunday Matt was invited to Nim’s sixth birthday party, Nim is in the same class as Matt and Matt was very much looking forward to the party, it turned out to be more than fun, as Matt would put it, it was ‘super fun Papa’, especially with the bouncy castle, clowns, face paint and a Magic show, the food were fantastic too. (I have just realised I had not written a post on when you two went to Liam’s birthday party... wow, how could I have forgotten that... we went bowling and you two and Liam got on the karaoke machine..., haa haa haa).

Party 1 Beta

page 2 betapage 3 beta

Most of Matt’s classmates also went to the party, and that made it even more fun for all of you two. By the way since Matt took part in the school play, none of his friends call him Matt anymore, the first greeting I’d heard was, ‘Hey, here comes Humpty Dumpty’, haa haa haa haa haa.

It was a fantastic afternoon, everyone had a great time, Marcella ate a whole minion by herself and joined in as many activities as she could, when together Matt would announce to everyone that ‘this is my baby’… haa haa haa. The best thing was that Matt and his friends ran non stop for around 3 hours... haa haa haa, it was not hard to get the both of you to bed that night :) your batteries were very low by the time we got home lol. (by the way, again I didn’t post any photos of your friends and you together, I feel the right thing to do is to obtain permission from their parents before I could put their photos on the net).

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