Sunday, December 22, 2013

Back to Phutthamonthon, it’s four of us now :)

pageDear Matt and Mar,

Before moving into the city, Putthamonthon was one of our favourite places to visit, absolutely huge open spaces, full of trees with well kept grounds, and because it is a Buddhist park people tends to be on their best (well, better) behaviour, best of all it was less than 20 minutes from our home, feeding the fishes was also always mandatory :)

But at that time there were only 3 of us, and Matt never wanted to come home each time we visited the park. A few weeks ago, with time on our hands your mother decided to take a trip to the park, of course I took the route with the most traffic, so by the time we arrived it was about five-ish.

To see you two running, jumping and laughing for an hour, was well worth pushing through the traffic for an hour (like I said, if we’d gone a different way it would have taken around 35 minutes, lol).

Personally I think we may have to find another spot for next time :), I think we were too loud in place where there were supposed to be tranquility… (sorry)…

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