Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Swimsuit issue :)

Dear Matt,

When I say swimsuit issue, I don't mean bikini clad girls, I do literally mean issue with your swimsuit, haa haa haa.

A couple of days ago it was discovered that you have, by some forces of the Universe, lost your school swimsuit. After some effort by your mother and Miss Jo, it was still missing, you were of course very upset but we'd told you it was nothing to cry over about, just don't loose it again (at 1,700 a piece you'd better not loose it again :).

So, today is your swimming day, and everything went according to plan... well not really. Yesterday's afternoon after school, you and your mother went to the school shop to get a new swimsuit, unfortunately she'd forgotten her purse so she told the lady to put the swimsuit aside and I would come to pick it up tomorrow (which is today).

This morning everything went like clockwork, got to the school just as your friends were settling in the classroom, that meant I had to walk with you, right up to your class instead of dropping you off on the ground floor (tell you the truth I like walking you to your class :))

The plan was for me to then rush quickly to the shop, pay and drop off the swimsuit back to you in your class. Being totally on the ball, I'd even have a permanent marker on me to write your name on the new suit :)

So after all that I'd run (wobble) back to you just as the classroom door was closing... You were at the back of the class and as I was arriving at the door, you looked up at me with a grin, I immediately knew something was up... The grin slowly turned into a huge smile and you were skipping instead of walking... and that worried me even more... haa haa haa.

"Papa, look I've found my swimsuit"... I could only manage a "Oh great... and now you have two swimsuits to loose" haa haa haa. If I'd only waited for 2 seconds when I'd drop you off... haa haa haa. Of course there was no way to return the new swimsuit, now that there is a huge 'Matt - Panop' written in permanent black ink inside the collar... At least your mother was cleaver enough to buy the new swimsuit a size bigger, so this one should last you a while... haa haa haa, unless you manage to loose it again :)

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