Friday, November 22, 2013

So far away :)

Dear Matt and Mar,

Here is the new family car, your mother and I decided to get rid of the Yaris (a whole lot of not so pleasant back story here), and replaced it with the H1. We have talked for a while about getting a van with more seats, the Fortuner (we are still holding on to this one) is great for 4 of us with lots of stuff, but when we needed less carrying space and more seats Fortuner just didn't fit the bill.

So it was a no brainer which brand and model to get, to me it is by far the most value for money right now for this category, ok, no more boring stuff. Yesterday, I drove it from the dealer straight to Matt's school because that was where you two were hanging out (at around four in the afternoon).

As expected you two were captivated by the dvd player, it will certainly keep you two entertain on long trips :) Matt decided his seat was the furthest one from the front, haa haa haa, somehow I was not surprised. Mar was running around like a headless chicken, keeping her still on long trips would be challenging :) but I think your mother has it under control.

From SHB back home, Mar went with your mother and Matt and I drove in the van, and of course Matt sat at the back. While at the red light I took a quick snap and realised he was really very far away :) with no seat belt... I'll definitely needed to be tougher on you with the seat belt from now on :)

I am not the best driver in the world, and going forward I was doing pretty well, but backing it... I was doing as well as a monkey trying to fry an egg using its left hand (assuming he was right handed). But I am having fun and the most important thing of all, your mother likes it :)

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