Monday, October 7, 2013

‘You Time’ for you :)

Dear Matt and Mar,

'You Time', when I was young they just call it 'after school activities', lol. At the end of last term all parents were given a list of things to choose for 'You Time', and the list was almost endless, from Chess, Tennis, Football, Clay works and so on.

SONY DSCThe task of choosing 'You Time' sounds simpler than you two may think, lol, judging by the amount of time spent on this, you'd thought I was choosing options for the Space Shuttle. Of course one had to choose more than two, just in case the activity was full, so being a logical person I'd chosen an extremely well balanced list of activities, based on physical and mental development... and you know what you got? Haa haa haa haa haa.

Well, Matt has been saying he wanted to become a Ninja Turtle, and I feel that Matt's 'You Time' fitted his needs perfectly. Somehow, by the force of the Universe Matt's 'You Time' were... (drum roll)... Thai Boxing Tuesday and Taekwondo Thursday, lol.

I'd thought I was going to get a real smack down by your mother for somehow arriving at these two for Matt, but just the opposite, she was quite happy with the choices, and recently due to some changes, Matt was also accepted on to the Chess club Monday as well :)

So his week is pretty full now, Chess Monday, Thai Boxing Tuesday, Golf Wednesday, Taekwondo Thursday, Thai Friday, Piano Saturday and Chinese Sunday :) admittedly these are all at the most an hour each, something fun to keep him busy :) All I had as a child was TV Monday, TV Tuesday, TV Wednesday, VHS Thursday, TV Friday, TV Saturday and of course TV Sunday :)

I would like to see him play more sport, like Rugby, Rugby or even Rugby :) but I don’t think they have it, looking at the sport fields I just don’t see the posts anywhere.

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