Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Another Engineer :)

Dear Mar,

I am not kidding here, but you did manage to pick and gave me the right parts and more importantly at the right time enough for it to be very frightening, I am assuming it was through sheer luck rather than you knowing which part I needed.

SONY DSCThe first time you gave me one of the part, I was laughing because it was exactly what I had needed at that time, when you did it again the second time I’d laughed even louder. The third consecutive time, my laugh became a little awkward… the forth time, it was just a smirk on my face. Fifth time, I was hearing “The Twilight Zone’s” theme in my head… and there wasn’t a sixth time because I’d sent you to bother your mother instead… :) I didn’t really, I think you got bored and left :)

By the way, you and I were building a shelf and a cupboard to sit over the washing machine :) and judging by your skills and hard work, I feel you’ll have no problem applying to become Santa’s little helper at the North Pole, you certainly are of the correct height (for now) haa haa haa haa haa :)

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