Monday, September 16, 2013

Nothing but Smiles :)

Dear Mar,

I am sorry for not being there for your first day at school, but it was impossible to drive across from SHB to Noddy and to be in time for your assembly :) perhaps a small investment in a two person helicopter should be made, lol.


Your mother had complied with my request of taking as many photos as she can (there must be one good one in that lot, lol, let hopes she doesn’t read this post), and as it turned out many of the photos she took were absolutely priceless :)

She suggested that we swap role, where she will drop Matt off and I take you to school, wow can’t wait for that.

Your teacher’s (that your mother and I was already familiar, she was the same one who looked after Matt about three years ago) feedback was encouraging, not too many tears in your first week :) and that you have settled in smoothly.

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