Monday, August 12, 2013

Mother’s day 2013

Mother's day 2013-09046-EditDear Matt and Marcella,

12th of August is Thailand’s Mother’s day and our Queen’s birthday, luckily it fell on Monday this year, meaning a luscious long weekend :) so many have left BKK for somewhere assumably better, leaving BKK gloriously empty for the rest of us :)

Going against the norm the both of you were not up before sunrise :) in fact your mother and I were up way before you did, so breakfast was later than usual. Then the air conditioning in the main bed room decided to turn itself into a waterfall that is why Marcella is now sleeping on Matt’s bed, and Matt sleeping on the floor next to Marcella :)

Right off the bat your mother decided to take you to ‘Train Park’ (a direct translation, it could be because the park belongs to our National Train company), getting to it was a laugh, the GPS was telling me the way but somehow it was lost in translation in my head, ended up getting lost a couple of times along the way. We didn’t leave the house until eleven-ish, so it was almost twelve when we parked at the park.


Talking about boiling hot… but the park was quite cool (very much unexpected). Since the days of CCF (combined cadet force), and for some unknown reasons, I always have a groundsheet in the car and today was the first day it came in useful :) But I think we were the most ridiculous looking family in the whole park, there was enough room for the whole platoon :)

After a quick walk around the park, to me it was nothing short of a marathon simply because of Marcella refusing to walk nor sit in her pram :) We had such a great time it was way passed two when our wheels once again turned, the traffic was light and driving in BKK was fun for a change.

Our very late lunch was at Central World, Matt wanted to have lunch at Sizzlers but when we asked we were 8th in the queue, because it was touching on three O’clock  we just couldn’t wait, so See-Far it was. Lunch was quick and both of you ate well.

Both of you were still in high spirit but it was time to come home, Marcella had her heart set on the big bath again (our bath is huge), and how could we tell? Well she decided to go commando as soon as we walked through the door :) The both of you were in there for over an hour (with swimming goggles) haa haa haa haa haa. Marcella speaks one word clearly, and that word is ‘NO’ and she said it with such passion when I asked her to come out of the bath (followed by the word ‘Bye’… haa haa haa haa haa).

Matt’s fingers had gone all wrinkly and that was how I know it was time for them to come out, just as supper was on the table and my parents, auntie, cousin and her daughter walked through the door. Matt thrives on having visitors but Marcella decided to turn on her waterworks (tears were like Niagara falls).

Your mother had to go to a meeting at the condo this evening, one of those tenants’ meeting, have I told you she is a member of the committee? She’d left around half seven, and have just walked thorough the door at ten :) with loads of interesting stories to tell :)

Turned out be quite a good day baby :) well… back to the desk tomorrow…

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