Saturday, August 3, 2013

More fun in Cha-am :)

Dear Matt and Marcella,

We've just got back from spending 4 days in Cha-am, one of the main reason for going back was the opening of Black Mountain Water Park (Matt has been going on and on about this place since I'd shown him the photos on the net). By the way our first day here was terrible, nothing went right for most of the day, but of course you two didn't feel a thing :)

Last Sunday we'd left BKK around eleven-ish, usually we would head straight for the hotel to check in and then leave for lunch but this time we had switched it around. So we arrived at our usual 'side of the road' restaurant by about one, they took the order and prepared the food in the usual efficient manner but this time delivered it to the wrong table.

You two were starving and that made your mother even more p^&&ed, Gio ended up having to go to their kitchen to chase up our order (which they have totally forgotten). Not long after, we'd left the place with most of our food in the foam boxes, there was not a single word of apology and to put the cherry on top, the prices of the food had also gone up, haa haa haa, your mother said she wasn't coming back here again, well that really meant 'we' are all not coming back here again.

After we'd check in and were shown to our rooms, there was another 'Oh no they didn't' moment for your mother. Gio had made it clear that she wanted two connecting rooms, and she was promised it during the booking. But they ended up giving us two rooms which were the opposite side of the Pacific Ocean, let just say it wasn't connected.

Now, I don't know what happened next because I was too busy playing with the two of you, by some magic (as Matt would put it, but I think it must have been your mother's magic that did the trick) we were given better rooms at no extra costs.

After all that 'first world' problems it was time to put it all behind us and head to the beach, the sky was heavy, very overcast and the wind was picking up but luckily the rain held out. Marcella hated walking on sand, grass and stone floor, well that was pretty much ninety nine percent of the hotel, haa haa haa haa, while Matt shot off like a cheetah that had just been released onto the plains of Africa :)

The remaining of the first day was all sand, sea and pool, Matt and March was full of buzz, the new scenery have done a world of good for the both of you (not to mention your mother and I too :).


More fun in Chaam-08717-Edit

Day Two...

Our second day was pretty much the same as the first (apart from the shi^^y bits), very early breakfast then a swim. By about ten March went off for her morning sleep while Matt and I played on until lunch time.

After lunch we made it to another new place that had just opened, 'The Venezia Huahin', as retail space goes, it was fairly well executed, the layout and buildings were quite well done, but the contents (the shops) were very generic and could be found anywhere in Thailand. I'd guess one of the highlight is the so called canal that ran through the facility and it came with a bunch of gondolas. I didn't think much of the canal, it just looked like a long crooked swimming pool running under a few bridges (they should have used stones to build the canal).

Although it has been two months since it was opened, but some of the shop spaces were still empty and it just looked abandon, perhaps we were there during the week, there was just no life to it. However I feel once all the tenants have moved it and the crowd picks up, this could be another interesting places in Huahin. By the way we ended the day with another swimming session... (what a surprise, haa haa haa).

Day Three...

The third day started horribly, the rain was heavy and there was no sign of letting up. Matt has his heart set on Black Mountain, so after breakfast we decided to drive to it anyway (just to see where it was). When we arrived, the place was deserted, I would have gone in if there was just a single person who was mad enough to play in that kind of weather, but there was none. Sitting in the car with the screen wipers going full pelt, we'd decided to drive into Huahin to find some indoor entertainment for the both of you (Matt was full of tears...)

After a quick visit to the mall and a quick lunch, finally the sun broke through and Black Mountain was on the card again... The full price was 900 THB per adult and 600 for a child over 5, but there was a campaign on, where the adults were now paying 600 THB and a child admittance was 300 THB.

Matt and Marcella were not disappointed, the crowds were light thus one didn't have to wait for the rides, and more importantly the slides were deadly, this was the first time I had to wear a helmet and sit on a swim-ring to go down a slide. The 'Bee' slide almost gave me a heart attack, Matt and I were on the dual swim-ring (just imagine a number 8 swim-tube), Matt sat in front, I sat at the back with my legs under the Matt's arm, effectively locking him in place. We were pushed into the tunnel, which I swear was not a water slide but a functional wormhole :) It was so fast... haa haa haa haa haa.

Matt was over the moon, 'Papa that was the coolest' he said it to my pale face... 'Can we go again?', how could I have said no... and that was just our first slide. I'd wanted to go on the fast single person slide but the opportunity did not come up...

Your mother was besotted with the 'Wave' swimming pool, the waves were amazing. I have never seen Matt and March so excited, it was definitely worth it, 3 hours just washed by and soon it was time for supper.

I’d ended up taking only one photo at Black Mountain, there was no way I was going to miss out on all the fun… haa haa haa haa haa.

Day Four...

The check out time was noon, again after an early breakfast it was pool and sea time once again. We ended up leaving around one, the drive back was uneventful (just as well, lol).

I don't think we have another choice for Matt's half term break in a few months... Black Mountain here we come... :)


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