Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Kindle Cloud Reader

Kindle Cloud ReaderDear Matt and Marcella,

I was dearly hoping for this even before I knew it had existed, and to have found out that it does exist was amazing :) Kindle apps have been installed on everything imaginable that I own, having the ability to pick up the closest phone, tablet, notebook... etc and start reading is by far one of its strongest point.

It is not possible to install kindle app on my work notebook (understandably of course, they had to lock it down for essential programs only), so I went to Google to find a way to read my kindle books, and the search result did not disappoint :) Kindle Cloud Reader was pretty much the first thing on the result page.

Just like signing into web mail on any browser, a second later I was in and reading the book, apparently, it works off line as well :) lunch break have just become more interesting... of course I could just pick up my mobile to use the kindle app :)

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