Thursday, August 8, 2013

In the beginning… :)

Work spaceDear Matt and March,
In the beginning… the desk was clean, haa haa haa, let see how long it will last this time. Instead of taking the usual stuff to the office, I have decided to leave everything in storage and took nothing but a picture of you two (that was printed out last night :).

I’d actually created two versions (thank you Photoscape) but using the same set of photos.

For Office 2For OfficeMy preference have always been the full body (or as much of it as possible), cropping in makes me feel like I am loosing part of the story, of course that is ridiculous but hey each to his own right :)

But in the end I’d decided to go with the left photo, I just prefer the layout of that template, somehow it just felt easier on the eyes (less structured) and the crop photo turned out alright :)

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