Friday, July 12, 2013

The what Musical??? :)

Dear Matt and Marcella,

Just as I’d thought nothing would surprise me on YouTube, I’d come across ‘AVByte, Musicals on YouTube’ only this very evening :) click ---> here
With titles like, ‘Facebook – The Musical’, ‘Google is Your Friend – GIYF The Musical’, ‘Ps4 Vs Xbox One – Console Wars the Musical’, ‘Draw my Life – KIm Jong-Un’, ‘YOLO the Musical’, etc, etc, etc, how could you not click it… hey, everyone loves a Musical even when it’s about Instagram, lol.

It was very obvious that they are passionate about this, the production quality is second to none, the costumes, the performances, the choreography, the props, the graphics and so on, were rather impressive or do I need to get out more into the world of YouTube? :) haa haa haa.

At the time of his post I do believe ‘Hipster Disney Princesses – The Musical’ is their latest upload, of course the lyrics, music and vocals are all subjected to one’s individual preferences, I do have a few Musical tunes hidden somewhere in the depth of my library, may be it is time to dig it all out again :)

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