Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Pickpocketing Thai Style :)

Dear Matt and Marcella,

Oh, I can put a smile in the title because the only thing the b&^%&$* got away with was thin air and a bunch of disappointment :) and luckily the bag was just a run of the mill grocery bag. One can’t really call it pickpocket because what they do is to actually cut a hole in your bag and slip the wallet (and other valuables) out through the hole.

SONY DSCYour grandmother and her sister was out shopping in one of the local department store, and in the main open area there was a sales on. Clothes hung on rows and rows of open racks, I can only assume there were enough people there to fill the national stadium.

Your grandmother didn't feel a thing, in fact she didn't know her bag was slashed until she sat down for supper later on that night, when she popped her bag down there was a huge hole on one of the side panel.

With hindsight, your grandmother and great auntie did notice a rather tall lady who seemed to be following her around from shop to shop. Luckily my aunt decided to sit and have a rest so your grandmother left her (already slashed) bag with her.

The b&^%&$* must have been pissed to have done the tough work but didn't have the chance to finish off, your grandmother was lucky, she could have lost everything in that bag.

She was half laughing on the phone when she told me the story, the story could have been much different, she was definitely lucky this time, lets hope there won't be the next time :)

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