Monday, July 8, 2013

No more page navigation

In the past for wanting to have page navigation meant I had to edit the html code within blogger, that worked well until the time came to update the template.

A year or so back, in moving to a new template and wanting to keep it clean, I’d decided to look for an alternative for page navigation, instead of editing the html. I’ve found this wonderful site that gave page navigation in a widget form, but it involves JavaScript, I didn’t see problem with that and promptly added the widget to this blog. It worked great until today.

This afternoon suddenly there were couple of links that appeared on this blog, at first I’d thought it was some kind of malware, but decided against it. So I’ve decided to look into each widget, my hunch was always on this page navigation widget.

I was on the money, and promptly deleted it, thus no more page navigation. I’ll try to search for someone who is kind and cleaver enough to write a guideline on this but the last thing I want is having to dig into the html again :)

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