Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Lovely Science :)

Dear Matt,

Get them early is always one of my beliefs, lol. So I was over the moon to see this science fair type thing at Chamchuri Square. I believe the official name is ‘Science Square’ and was set up by the National Science Museum.

Science PageMust admit, not the easiest of places to find, Chamchuri Square is in plain sight (great huge building on Rama 4 Road) but the Science Square within Chamchuri Square is as elusive as the Freemason’s United Grand Lodge.

Perhaps there was an easier route, but I do believe our was more exciting, after making our way through several meandering sets of escalators to the very top floor, then negotiated our way through a huge bookstore, only to come out to an open area where the entrance can be found on the right :)

A few of the experiments there did bring back memories, series / parallel circuits, gravity, kinetic / potential energy… all of this just reminded me of Mr. Mynett (probably utterly the wrong spelling) but he was my physic teacher back in the day, kind and funny making physics more interesting than it should be.

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