Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Kids Robotics

Dear Matt and Marcella,

This is where Matt will be for his first week of his summer holiday :) Kids Robotics Learning Centre, it sounds a lot grander than it is, but the teaching staff are nice and the place is clean, although a tad small.

Robotics School[4]We'd actually went to another similar place just around the corner from where we live, but honestly I would rather let Matt spends his time in Guantanamo Bay than there :) (oh a slight exaggeration on my part, but honestly I did not like the atmosphere one bit!)

This place is in Sukhumvit 23 and Matt has to be there by 9 am, but there was no way on this beautiful earth of our that I was going to drive into the middle of Bangkok during rush hour, not even if blood was coming out through every orifice of my body and the only hospital is in Sukhumvit 23 ;)

So this is how we've done it for the past couple of days (originally your mother wanted to drive, meaning we have to leave by 07:30, so I threatened her with a divorce... well that didn't work... haa haa haa, crying and squirming on the floor did the trick though).

Where was I... so this is how we've done it for the past couple of days, leave the house around 08:25, take a 8 minutes motorcycle taxi to MRT Suanlum, get off at MRT Sukhumvit (10 minutes), then walk for a couple of minutes to Soi 23 then another motorcycle taxi to your class :) it's just like a mini adventure every morning :) which Matt absolutely loves :)

Marcella is now also spending Monday and Wednesday (from nine to noon) at a nursery across the street (where Matt also went for a short while, the same place as their Brain School), she is still very young but we would like to prepare her for Noddy. It will be such a huge change for her and right now she is very attached to her ‘Mama’, well not surprising of course :) It won’t be fun seeing her bawling her eyes out on her first day at school, well that is only  a guess of course, she could be perfectly fine :)

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