Saturday, July 13, 2013

Interesting day 13.07.13

Dear Matt and Marcella,

Soon after Matt had woken up this morning, he gave us a symphony of vomiting, five times even before he had his breakfast, lol.

Suan Lumpinee pageTo see him so passionless and lethargic was quite frightening… By the time breakfast was over, Matt had picked up a little but another trip to the hospital was definitely needed.

The Dr. was kind enough to talk at length on allergies, and at the end only gave us one small bottle of something to stop you vomiting :) (we already have one in the fridge but I wanted a new one nonetheless). Through out the day Matt continue to improve, by about four it was decided that all of us should go to Lumpinee park, just to get out and get some fresh air.

The foot paddle boat thingy almost killed me, seriously need to get in shape :) in Lumpinee Matt was back to his old self, running and exploring all over, but in the pram, Marcella was getting quieter and quieter… your mother and I knew exactly what was coming…

It was obvious to the touch that Marcella was running a temperature… by the time we got home (after a quick supper at UCL) it was obvious that Marcella’s high temperature was not letting, it turned out to be 38c. If the temp. does not let up tomorrow it will be another trip to the hospital for me… do they sell season tickets at the hospital?

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