Monday, July 15, 2013

Another week another camp :)

Dear Matt and Marcella,

It was touch and go if Matt was going to be well enough to attend Bangkok Dolphins camp this week, by Sunday night it was obvious that he was more than well enough :)

BKK Dolphins CampWe were debating on the night before on how we should get Matt to the camp. As always I do prefer the BTS but your mother wanted me to drive… this time she’d won, simply because dragging Matt through BKK on the BTS during rush hour so soon after his ‘poorly’ spell just didn’t make sense.

The drive was rather good (will probably be terrible tomorrow :)), left the house around eight and got there just a little before nine (for a 10 Km drive).

The first impression as we walked into the hall was, ‘Wow’, so many kids and even more parents. My expectation was no more than 30 kids, but there must have been 60 – 70 kids there (businesswise that would make sense).

All the children were rushing around and totally enjoying themselves, Matt was also taken back just a little. After realising that they had divided the children into three groups (sorted by age) I was ok with the set up, and more importantly from my observation there were plenty of staff there to keep an eye on everyone.

Matt and I decided to park ourselves on a bench, he was definitely keen on joining in but just didn’t know anyone (yet). A whistle went and without as much as a ‘bye’… Matt shot off and sat in his ‘green’ group. He was all smiles and that was all I wanted to see this morning.

Each day splits into three activities, for the green group (youngest group) it starts with Art, Gym and finishes with Swimming.

I also saw another ‘dad’, I think I saw him before at Noddy, he obviously recognised me so we began to talk, he was kind enough to give me some pointers because his Tim, has already been there for the past two weeks.

Fingers crossed, lets hope he enjoys the rest of the day too :)

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