Thursday, July 11, 2013

A rose by any other name would smell… :)

In the way haa haa haaDearest Marcella,

Getting in the way seems to be your thing now, it doesn’t matter what was going on, you just have to stick you tiny nose in it :)

Came home yesterday to find stickers all over the TV, I knew this was coming, for the past few days, stickers have been appearing around the TV (on the plastic rim), that I could live with, but having different action poses of little Miss Dora with her monkey and backpack plastered right in the middle of the TV was a bit much… ggggrrrrrr, especially when I was in a hurry to watch the re-run of the third test between Lions and the Wallabies :)

Telling you off has to be the funniest thing, I promise to have a picture of your expression soon, it’s a mix of puzzlement plus ‘Oh yeaaaaaa, what are you going to do about it’ face.

I now know why you call your brother ‘teeee’, you can pronounce Mama, Papa and others pretty much correctly, except your brother’s name, Matt. The reason you call him Teeeee is because some of us call him Matty, well you just gave up on the first  three letters and just kept the ‘ty’ at the end, hence Teeeee. :)

Sweet dreams bossy boots…

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