Thursday, June 13, 2013

Water of Life :)

Dear Matt,

This side of half term performance was ‘Water of Life’ (happened yesterday), the whole of EY2 were involved, each class had to perform their own set, but the whole story tied each performance together, into one coherent jumble of joy, haa haa haa.

You, of course were excellent (as were all your friends too), hee hee, you gave it your all again, shouting seems to be your thing so please remind me not to buy a karaoke machine for you, ever :) Apparently this was the first time any of you have performed on stage, it must have been daunting to have all those eyes staring at you all :) but all of you performed brilliantly.

The theme for your class (EY2CF) was Sailing on the sea (or something along that line :p), so all of you were dressed as sailors, great costume (thanks to Paula, ‘leader’ of the parents for our class), she even wanted to get you all a hat each, but couldn’t find any suitable ones, and if she couldn’t find any, no one can :)

Your class performance starts with you announcing ‘All abroad the big ship’… haa haa haa, it was loud enough your long lost second cousin in China of the fifth parallel universe could have heard you loud and clear :)

I am not comfortable posting pictures of your friends, it wouldn’t be right without your friends’ parents permission :) so here is just the one of you. All I wanted was a smile… and all I got was ‘it’s going to be ‘sticking out my tongue’ kind of a morning, Dad’, lol.

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