Saturday, June 15, 2013

Typical Saturday :)

SaturdayDear Matt and Marcella,

You two are now in your respective Brain School class, March should be finishing around ten and Matt around ten thirty; your mother is busy with her committee meeting until noon and your auntie is teaching so that leaves yours truly to be the logistic master for this morning.

So here is the plan, last sip of my Americano at SB by 09:55 that should allow me to arrive at March’s class by 10:00. Allow 10 minutes to be debriefed by your teacher, another 10 minutes to walk home, so by 10:25 March should already be on the sofa downing her first bottle of milk :). Hopefully by then your auntie should be back to take care of March while I rush back to Brain School to pick up Matt.

Allowing for the same amount of time for Matt, thus Matt and I  should be back home by 10:50, but by then March should be fast asleep (hopefully until around noon), that would allow your aunt to nip out to get your lunch while I look after Matt.

By 10:55  Matt must already be drinking his milk, and based on average drinking time  he should be done by 11:05, after which entertainment :) will be offered, this being a Saturday :) Your auntie should easily be back by 11:15 with lunch.

Lunch for you two should start by 12:00 at the very latest, as Matt has to be out again by 13:00 for his Piano then Clayworks lessons (Saturday’s traffic is getting worse and worse). Your mother should be back by the time Matt and I leave, she will then probably take March to the Gardeners :).

Piano and Clayworks will take an hour and a half, another 15 minutes to hang around, 25 more minutes to drive home. By the time we arrive home at 15:45 Matt could be asleep or still awake, the ‘awake’ plan meant snack and perhaps more entertainment :), ‘sleep’ plan is me drinking more coffee and just zombie out, haa haa haa.

I’ll leave the evening’s plan for your mother to decide... eat out, eat in, early bath, swim, shopping? haa haa haa.

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