Friday, June 7, 2013

The great printer hunt… :)

Dear Matt and Marcella,

The burglar(s) took my beloved side-kick a few years ago, it was a dedicated small photo printer (Sony) and from then on I’ve been using one of those quick and very cheap printing services that are dotted around BKK, and never once was I happy with the results.

Time to look for a printer, after reading through various forums (mostly Thai’s) and a little research, the winner for me was a very predictable ‘Canon’ who should be sitting on my desk right now, but it isn’t.

Although, people on most threads of the various forums were actually recommending Epson over Canon, people were saying Canon’s materials were a bit cheap and the colours weren’t as nice as Epson’s palettes, although Canon’s print speed should be faster (by the way, just found out that printing speed is no longer measured by ‘Page Per Minute’ but instead by ‘Image Per Minute’).

But some of the Epson’s specs looked a little short when compared to the latest Canon’s models, so going against the grain, Canon… it will be for me... or so I’d thought.

I had a meeting this afternoon at True Tower, which was very near Fortune, in my opinion it is only second to Pantip for all things IT. My mind was set on the spanking new, just released Canon MG5470 (around 5,xxx THB), and so the action plan was clear, no diddling around, in with the credit card and out with the printer...

It wasn’t that simple, not a single shop had it in stock... OK, I was in no hurry, I could come back in a couple of days and pick it up... Well that was what I should have done... but instead I’d foolishly walked around… should have gone home, really should have gone home.

Walked over to some Epson units on display and saw the Epson L335 with a factory external ink tank installed (7,xxx THB), it was looking sweeter and sweeter each time I walked past.

Senses kicked in… Why on earth would I need an ink tank? To print 3 photos a month? Suddenly my mind was  back on the MG5470 once more... I should have gone home then...

Then I’d noticed the simple Epson ME 301 (3,xxx THB) the main question in my mind was, do I really need MG5470? Of course the answer was no, I do want a decent printed photo but it doesn’t have to be art gallery’s quality. There was no Epson sales person around, so I talked to a HP guy... after his demonstration and sales pitch... (I should have gone home...)... wow the HP 6525 (5,9xx THB) looked fantastic, it even has a touch screen (haa haa haa).

After reading some review on the web, HP was looking pretty good, and this was a brand new model… My hands reached for the credit card… but by that time the HP guy was taking care of another customer, her main need was to print from her iPad, and his demonstration was simply first class, he knows the product like I know my lunch.

But the demonstration was taking a little too long, she was definitely going to buy it and so I can’t blame him for taking care of her. But this gave me time… Do I need to print on both side? Do I need the touch screen? Do I need HP 6525?

Quicker than Atom Ant running a hundred metre, I called another sales person over (I believe she had a Samsung shirt on), pointed to the ME 301 and said ‘as quick as you can’ :) (I didn’t really).

Also bought some photo paper, and that took as long as choosing the printer, lol, how many mg 100, 80 or even 200? Glossy, half and half, matte, super matte, super glossy, arse shining glossy? water resistant?… yes, yes, yes… just give me paper… haa haa haa haa haa.

After paying the money, the ‘quality’ guy checked my ME 301 to ensure that every thing was running properly, but he clearly didn’t know the product, he kept pushing various buttons expecting a colour chart to appear, until my HP guy who was by this time was checking the sold 6525 (to the same lady) turned around and told my guy that one can not simply print out a colour chart by pushing buttons… lol.

PrinterI’d though setting this thing up was going to be a nightmare, but it took less than 10 minutes to print my first photo, the instruction was clear and concise, just install the driver disc and follow each step, nothing unexpected happened, and that was a good sign. 

The best thing was my ME 301 was on a special campaign, so the price had dropped to 2,9xx THB… :) it was fun, but a little too long, went into Fortune at around 17:30 came out at about 20:00… haa haa haa, never again.

So far I am happy with the printer, well, my expectation wasn’t very high to begin with, lol, it prints, scans and copy well enough, what else does one want? :)

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