Sunday, June 16, 2013

SSoHPKC, The Last Of Us gameplay

The last of usDear Matthias and Marcella,

The last time I’ve played a VDO game Moses was just parting the red sea… seriously the last time a gamepad was in my hands Matt was still sleeping inside his mother, so that would be around 5 years ago.

I don’t often subscribe to Youtube channels, but if one is into gaming and enjoy watching gameplay from the beginning to the end, I am sure there are many options out there to subscribe to, but I’ve chosen to SSoHPKC to be my guide (in the comment section people refer to him as Sheamus). /NOTE/ his commentary can be rather colourful, so be warned.

The ‘Last of Us’ (pics and clips) have been flying around the net for several months now, and recently it had been released. I’d bought the original PlayStation so that I could play ‘Tomb Raider’, I was thinking of getting PS3 just for this game :) but common sense came through… might as well wait for the PS4 haa haa haa, and also for hell to freezes over because your mother will never say yes :)

And so far, from the first two VDOs SSoHPKC had posted I can understand why various ‘authorities’ have given great praises for this release. Can not wait to see #3.


SSoHPKC: The last of us #1


SSoHPKC: The last of us #2

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