Monday, June 10, 2013

Public Buses in Bangkok

Dear Matt and Marcella,

Public buses in Bangkok is truly a game of chance, as I  am typing away this post from a bus stop at 19:45, it has already been more than 45 minutes, hoping the next one will have my number on it. 48 is turning out to be a mystical creature, does it even exist? People have seen it… I have seen it, but was it fog in my eyes or was it real, is the Loch Ness monster real?

One by one my comrades is falling by the wayside, many by taxi and by tuk-tuk, some even walked and all of them wore the same expression of ‘predictable disappointment’.

bus stop f bIt is hard for me to leave, the slot machine syndrome is fully kicking in; just one more go, the next spin all my numbers would align and the jackpot (no matter how small) will be mine, stubborn to the n-th degree :) the next bus will be the glorious 48.

The sensible solution is a simple one, all I have to do was to walk to the next bus stop (less than eight minutes away), because it was beyond the cross roads, more buses will pass… but the next bus will surely be 48... please be 48, but it never is.

I am now the last person holding the fort, it is way beyond stupidity now, so putting right foot ahead of the left, and the left ahead of the right, my looser march towards the next bus stop had begun, and just like a bad movie, not long after my march, the mystical 48 rolled by... empty.

If I could say @#&$ in 32 languages I would have said them all. Empty it certainly was, was there even a bus driver? The legend lives on.

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