Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Prometheus, the next chapters :)

Just sat through Prometheus for the n-th time, when I really should already have my head on a nice soft pillow.

Visually it was mesmerising, the soundtracks were haunting (which was perfect), the acting was top class and the plot was... I can only assume, ‘kept perplexed’ on purpose.

Got this from

Soon after the movie was released (May 2012) there were several questions on so many topics regarding Prometheus (and all of them have been discussed to death, lol), here is just another 2 cents worth on why the Engineers wanted to put those black goo on earth, and I am sure I am not the first one to think of this.


  • The Engineers’ race may or may not be under a long hard fought war, and needed a new fantastic offensive weapon
  • They created/stole/discovered the ‘Black Goo’ that can create different kind of bio weaponries
  • But the ‘Black Goo’ alone isn’t enough, they also needed ‘living beings’ as the hosts for the ‘Black Goo’
  • Instead of using themselves as hosts, the Engineers created us humans (created life) as host subjects for the Black Goo (I can only assume the black goo would have worked with animals as well)
  • The Engineers then waited thousands of years for (some of) us to turn into human (well ‘thousands of years’ could be like a year for the Engineers) before delivering the pods (of black goo) to earth (plot of the movie) so that the Black Goo with the hosts (human) can turn into a deadly bio weapon
  • The Engineers will then harvest the bio weapons and use it against their enemies


Another train of thought

  1. Perhaps they didn’t intend to use the Black Goo on humans, but instead they wanted to use the Black Goo on earth ‘way way way’ before evolution turns us into human, meaning, they intended to use the Black Goo on animals (as a test or creating weapons, or whatever).
  2. But then there was a breach on LV-223, meaning they could not come to earth (abandon project by the Engineers), the thousand/million of years have past, human came into being… but their plan did not change…


Then there is this one

  • It’s nothing but one huge experiment for The Engineers .
  • The needed subjects to test their bio-weaponry, just like breeding ‘lab rats’, we the human are their lab rats.
  • That was why they created us, then (plot of the movie) the Engineers was enroute to put the pods (of black goo) on earth.
  • So the Engineers were not actually trying to destroy humans, just using us as an experiment to gain the ultimate weapon


No idea if there will ever be a Prometheus 2, if there was, the plot needs to be an amazing one, I am afraid if the plot was weak, there will be so many complaints that people will break the Internet, haa haa haa, and I don’t want the Internet to be broken :)

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