Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Perhaps it wasn’t meant to be :)

Dear Marcella and Matt,

Only last month I had managed to smashed the screen of my new mobile phone, the repair cost was approximately quarter of the original phone price, not cheap :) (see earlier post).

http://www.signspecialist.com/decals/japanese/pages/destiny.htmThis evening, as my phone tumbled away from me, I took it with a kind of serenity and peacefulness, not a single swear word was uttered, it wasn’t so much of an anger but more of a ‘Why me’ kind of a feeling :) (well, at least I know now where to get it fixed and the exact costs).

Imaging this evening, it was raining hard, the monsoon has truly arrived. I was on the number 8 bus and it was coming up to a bus stop. I stood up, not to get out at this stop but for the one after (preparation is the key to not getting trodden on), as I was positioning myself towards the door, something black ‘jumped’ from my waist hit my toe, tumble down a couple of steps and rushed out onto the road, in the pouring rain.

I looked, originally thinking it was my little umbrella, the after squinting my eyes I realised it was the bloomin phone :) with disregards to any health and safety act, I jumped off the bus as it was just moving forward, people on the bus was shouting to the driver to stop!!! Picked up the phone and jumped back on the bus, then announce to everyone that the phone was alright.

Now why did I announce to the whole bus that the phone was still working, I don’t really have a clue, perhaps it was just a reflex action to safe face, haa haa haa. To have all those people shouting to the driver to stop the bus was already bad enough, lol, but again can not thank you them enough.

After getting of the bus it was natural to give the mobile a once over… it was ok, couldn’t find a scratch, then quickly realised the stylus went AWOL, more ka-ching for Samsung :)

I am old enough to have gone through owning at least 10 mobile phones, and none of them have never ever been this exciting… lol perhaps it wasn’t meant to be… naaaahhhh :)

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