Sunday, June 9, 2013

Mandarin Boy, Nan Mee Language Academy

entranceNan MeeDear Matt,

We were looking at something to keep you occupied on Sundays, quite a well known Chinese language school was no more than 15 minutes from our home (on recommendations by various parents from SHB). Nan Mee is very well known for being a Chinese family business selling / exporting stationery and Chinese books.




Their Nan Mee Language Academy sits on the 4th floor of their head quarter, the school itself consists of 9 classrooms. One of the main reason we'd pretty much enrolled you straight away was because of the cleanliness, a fun curriculum and professionally managed facilities, as well as using Chinese teachers. In simple words we didn’t have a clue, but the head took time to explain everything.

The view


One can choose private tuition or class based curriculum, because you are more monkey than human, the class format was more suitable. With a maximum of 10 to a class it was just the right size, and your lou-sue (teacher) looked kind and attentive.

It has been a few months since your initial class, and you have taken to it like duck to water, as well as making a couple of new friends :) At first I wasn't sure if you were picking up any Chinese or not, but last week during the break, your lou-sue came out and did an individual oral examination...

I was on the edge of my seat, haa haa haa haa haa. 10 characters were shown to you one by one, you read 9 of them perfectly, the last one (water) was a bit of a struggle, but you came through :)

all smilesI was convince you were reading the small English transcript, lol, perhaps not, I do totally give you full credit for reading all of them though... :) well done :)

People say if you know a thousand words, you can pretty much get by, from what I could gathered from you and from your textbooks, each lesson you would learn (in a fun way judging from what I could see) a couple or a few words.

This is just as well because your mother is helping you with your piano lessons, and it is my job to follow up your Chinese classes, learning by proxy for your mother and I :) lol.

Soon Marcella will be joining you, that should bring another level of fun to the equation, haa haa haa haa haa.


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