Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Just add water… Instant Traffic

Dear Matt and Marcella,

Today’s society is really all about convenience at speed, lol, all that was thrown out of the window this evening with the arrival of the first proper down pour :)

I was stuck on a bus, now a non air-con thai bus in the rain means all windows were closed, no ventilation, add to this shoulder to shoulder sardine scenario and sprinkle it with unbearable humidity… worst of all a journey that usually took 20 minutes on a good day became 2 hours this evening. I’d just imagine I was in a sauna, lol.

These three photos were taken at one cross road in Siam (it was already around eight o’clock), looks like a long night ahead for most of them… been there, done that and trust me, not a very pretty experience.

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