Tuesday, June 4, 2013

ICE, Image Composite Editor (Microsoft Research)

----- Click -----> ICE (to go straight to the site).

MSICENow and then stitching several shots together will be necessary to get the desired effect, there are almost endless websites on the technique for taking good panoramic shots, as well as the tool required for the stitching.

In the past my main tool for managing the photos was ‘Windows Live Photo Gallery’ (‘WLPG’), and I couldn’t have been more happy with it, but that was when I was shooting JPGs. A function/module in WPLG was the stitching function, and it worked faultlessly for what I have required of it.

Since moving over to RAW, meant WLPG was replaced by Lightroom which did not contain a stitching module. I could have continue using WLPG just for the stitching function, but I was sure there was a dedicated (and small) program just for creating panoramic view.

I always go to ‘www.alternativeto.net’ just to get a feel of what was out there. Microsoft ICE (Image Composite Editor) was mentioned several times on the forum and threads, and naturally I’d homed in totally blind sided all the others, being from MS you would be a buffoon not to try it out :)


The download was 2.41MB, need I say more, and if you are a tweaker, you can tweak away until your tweaking thing gets broken, I usually just left everything on default :) usually in and out in less than 5 minutes, perfect.

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