Thursday, June 6, 2013

Fun Run 2013

Dear Matt and Marcella,

How can we sum up this morning Fun Run, eeerrrrmmmm… I have more photos of Matt and March eating an ice lolly than of Matt (or your mother) running. In actual fact, I don’t have any pic of Matt (nor your mother) running at all :)

On the positive side, I do have several good photos of your friends and their parents running, and some of them I don’t even know, haa haa haa.

Fun run 2013 page 2At the beginning after saying goodbye to Matt and your mother at the starting line, and from that moment on I didn’t see you two again until it was all over, lol.

In fact it was Matt who called out to me and by that time he had already ran past heading towards the finishing line, not long after that, your mother (with an extremely worried face, which she made me delete all photos of it (but one, haa haa haa)). She was worried because she had also lost sight of you not long after the race had started.

Apparently you took this running much more serious than either of us had anticipated, good for you :) it is a shame that they don’t seem to play rugby at this school.

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