Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Another overhaul :)

The blog template was getting bloated again, I was using a third party’s template so some of the adjustments through Blogger’s site were not working, for example it was not possible to change the font of the ‘Post’s Title’, and how I hated having Arial as the title’s font (can you imagine capital I and lower case L being exactly the same, lol).

I really wanted to use PT Mono as the font for the post’s content, PT Mono was not listed in Blogger’s Template Designer, so I’d chosen PT Sans instead. Then something was lost in translation, as once the new template was loaded into Windows Live Writer, the default font became Times New Roman instead of PT Sans. So I gave up and opted for the wonderful Cambria instead.

Blogger has improved so much, and hopefully it will continue improving (and not go the way of Google Wave, haa haa haa), the customisation with the standard template is so great now and adding to it, the ‘Add CSS’ function meant there is no need to look anywhere else :)

Time to go back to tinkering, rounded corners, centering sidebar’s titles and so much more :)

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