Saturday, May 11, 2013

Not for one second :)

Dear Marcella,

Looks like we shall have to keep a closer eye on you now. A couple of days ago I was doing some paperwork in the main bedroom while you were playing with your aunt in the living room. You then decided to pay me a visit, so your aunt dropped you off by the bedroom door

For the next fifteen minutes I thought you were with your aunt and your aunt thought you were with me :) After a while I’d thought it was just a little too quiet, decided to pop out to see how you were doing, but you were not with your aunt, she was equally baffled.

Instead of you coming to me, you took a sharp left after leaving your aunt’s hands and headed towards the shower where your small bath was still full of clean water from the morning.

The smile on your face and the relief on our faces met with a big laugh on both side, you were sitting in the bath fully clothed and splashing away. We were lucky that things turned out fine, it easily could have been very different.

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