Monday, May 20, 2013

I want a Golem :)

going-postal-front-pbMaking MoneyI’ve been away for a while from Mr. Pratchett’s glorious mind, and by accident came across ‘Making Money’, sitting by its lonesome on a shelf. Bought it on a whim and devoured it in only a few days...

The hero (if one can call him a hero) is Mr. Moist, after finishing ‘Making Money’ it was obvious that he should be in another book prior to this, and it wasn’t too difficult to discover ‘Going Postal’.

If you have been away for a while from Mr. Pratchett’s universe, you can do no wrong in reading these two books :) At the end it was impossible not to fall in love with all the Golems :) and the gorgeous Miss Adora Belle Dearheart :)

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