Friday, May 31, 2013

Half term break in Pattaya (5): What a day :)

Dear Matt and Marcella,

Nothing went right at the beginning of our final day, the dolphins show starts at nine am, it was eight forty five when our wheels started turning, we were still hoping we could get there on time, of course there was no hope in hell we were going to make it, and ten minutes into the trip after a small argument we turned around to head for another attraction.

Driving across Pattaya from north to south on a weekday took a while, we were heading to ‘Chang Siam Krating-lie’, and what a mistake that was… Your mother wanted you two to see the monkeys training centre.

Chang Siam was nothing but a gimmick for tourists, we were probably the only Thais there among at least 15 group tours. Elephants rides, alligators/crocodiles fishing, horse wagons and monkeys training centre were some of the highlights. But the facilities were poor, unorganised and overall looks and feel like a third rate, amateur operation. We paid for the tickets to see the monkey training, as soon as we walked through the door the show was over and a bunch of people were piling out. I was just a little miffed to say the least.

SONY DSCBy the time we’d left, it was running close to ten so we decided to once again drive across Pattaya and gave the dolphins another shot (after asking for late check out).

On the way your mother managed to empty a carton of milk everywhere in the car, lol.

Dolphins show was a very welcome change to Chang Siam, things were looking up… lol.

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