Friday, May 31, 2013

Half term break in Pattaya (4): The Zign Hotel

Dear Matt and Marcella,

Your mother and I didn’t like it, perhaps we were used to a different kind of hotels, a smaller more cosy with individual travellers rather than ‘group tours’.

View from the bolcany

I think the service in the hotel was average (but the guy by the elevator was the best), however the service by the pool was terrible. While March was having a nap I took Matt to the upper and lower level pool, there were five/six staff there kicking a football around and wasn’t paying attention to anyone else. I had to disrupt their game to ask for a couple of towels.

I know this is a bit of a first world problem, but honestly I think this is far below anyone’s expectation. There was also a broken glass on the floor by the pool and no one was in a hurry to clean up, everything just felt very ‘I don’t give a %$#@ kind of a day’.

I love the design/layout of both pools, the deep end was really a deep end (for me, but I am no ‘Mount Everest’ lol), and here comes a huge ‘BUT’, but the worst thing was the quality of the water, we have been to billion of hotels, no matter how small they were, their pool were always as clear as your mother’s contact lens. But the Zign hotel’s pools were like swimming in ‘broth’. It was so bad even your mother and I were deciding on whether to let you swim there at all.

We know that swimming is a huge part of any children’s holiday, so we reluctantly let you two have a dip, the design of the pool was rather good, the upper level pool offered plenty of shallow areas for the kids, but the lack of shaded areas was a bit of a missing foresight.

The room was ample in size and nice basic design, but it lacks in quality, clear signs of wear and tear were everywhere, some were so bad it warrants maintenance and the TV came from the early 90s (a slight exaggeration here on my part).

We purposely avoided the long weekend by arriving there on a Sunday, when everyone else was running home we were just arriving, this place would have been unbearable when running at almost full capacity.

Oh, one last moan, I hated the layout with the main road separating the hotel and the pools, and there was no short cut from the elevators to the pool, meaning we had to walk past everyone in the lobby to get to the pool and the same route back to the elevators… great planning Mr. Architect.

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