Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Half term break in Pattaya (3): Sanctuary of truth

Dear Matt and March,

We didn’t quite make it to the Sanctuary of Truth, well, it wasn’t our main intention anyway, but we were pretty darn near enough to smell it though :). Uncle Chat had recommended a restaurant that sat above the sanctuary, ‘Kruay Nar Glure’ (a direct translation is ‘Kitchen paddy field salt’).

Tired of the same old places, we excitedly headed there for our first day’s supper, uncle Chat’s recommendations are usually pretty bang on :)

The view was rather grand at night and had taken us back just a little, the food and service were excellent, so naturally we promised ourselves to come back the following day for lunch then a visit to the Sanctuary.

Well, that was the plan…

We did return for lunch the next day, but the heat was searing, in fact the Chef was cooking our chicken by (after seasoning) letting one walked from the coop to the kitchen, perfectly roasted :) So taking you two out in the open was out of the question, and much to your delight we headed back to the hotel for a much deserved swim :)

Before we headed back to the hotel, there were a few attractions by the entrance to the sanctuary (aimed mostly at children), feeding the rabbits and goats, and some birds in their zoo like aviaries.


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