Friday, May 24, 2013

Can’t go wrong at Asiatique :)

Asiatique is simply the ‘right’ version of Suanlum Night Bazaar, whereas the latter was a bit amateurish, wasn’t very well managed and some of the tenants/shops were downright embarrassing. Asiatique is just in another world, very well managed with a much, much better list of tenants; the river promenade, the designs, the food, the shops with great layout and the atmosphere have made this one of the place for anyone to visit, although the traffic and parking could be a bit of a ‘female dog’.



To my understanding the place opens from 5 to midnight, I usually try to be there by about half past five, the traffic was light enough not to be a hassle and there were always plenty of parking spaces, it is always nice to have a walk around with less people around :)

There is a bit of a history to the place as well, here is the link from the horse’s mouth, click ---> ‘about Asiatique’, and here is the link to their main page, click ---> ‘Asiatique’

Certainly if you are a tourist, and running out of things to do, you can’t go wrong by visiting Asiatique :)



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