Friday, May 24, 2013

Another close call :)

This pic came from Matt and March,

I had another close call not more than 3 minutes ago, we are all now at my parents place and earlier I went up to the room with all of your grandfather’s buddha’s images but the ceiling light was out, so after I’d finished I’d thought it was a good idea to change the lightbulbs.

Decided not to turn off the switch which was quite hidden, the ceiling was quite high so I was on top of the step ladder reaching to remove the bulbs, well the first one came out easily but the second one did not and then... BAMMMM... BBBBZZZZ, my whole body shook (like Wile E. Coyote) for what it was like an eternity... still don’t know how but I’d managed to let go and jumped down from the ladder.

Both of my arms feels as light as a feather, my right shoulder feels like a thousand elephant had just trodden on it... the worst thing is, I’d wished I hadn’t told your mother and my mother about it... lol :)

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