Monday, April 8, 2013

Tooth Fairy… :)

tooth-fairy-bags-arch-425Dear Matt,

This morning someone must have pressed your ‘go fast’ button, or it could have been because this was the first day of the holiday, because you were unstoppable… :)

And then it happened… you slipped and fell, all I heard was a loud ‘splat’, then silence… which of course wasn’t a good sign. We both rushed to you only to find a meek version of yourself walking towards us.

Somehow you felt and knocked your front tooth, it wasn’t loose but after your mother spent an eternity trying to check if it did move, it moved… haa haa haa. After making sure that you were fine, your mother and I tag team (of course) to tell you how worst it could have been and that you should not run in the apartment or next time all your teeth would fall out.

Unexpectedly the first question that came out from your mouth was, “Great, when will the tooth fairy come?”, I, trying to make this a serious issue replied pretty much immediately, “We don’t have tooth fairies in Thailand”. You went quiet and walked away… of course your expression of total disappointment made me feel pretty much like a murderer, who had just wiped away all tooth fairies in Thailand. It was too late to say anything else, to tell the truth I really didn’t know what to say next, that was until the whole day had passed.

As we were driving home from my mother around 21:00, you suddenly asked, “Papa, which country has tooth fairies?”, this was my chance to make it up to you, “Oh, we do, I just need to check a book”, “What book Papa?”, “A book at home baby, I am driving now so no more talking ok?”, “Ok Papa”… :) I think I got away with it this time :)

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(By the way this post was typed using my latest favourite font, PT Mono, which I am sure no one has on their PC, so full apologies if right now it looks a little weird on your screen :)

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