Monday, April 29, 2013

Little Jedi :)

Dear Matt and Marcella,

What is the plural of Jedi? :)

You were invited to Monty’s BD party this past Saturday, wow what a lark that was, his parents were brilliant :) The theme of the party was Star Wars, it was beyond fun :)

Jedi Time-06137 framed

All children attended were given a chance to become a Jedi in training (with it came the Jedi uniform and even a light saber too… lol :)

Mar had more fun than anyone :) while you lot were doing your breathing exercise, she was trying to do her forward roll, and it was perfect (kind of :)





Light Saber-06130 framedI can’t believe I’ve seen an orange light saber before, but since that day it hasn’t left your side, :)

The word-search game was also very fun, there were post-it stars around the place, and on each star was a number and a letter, find them all and make a sentence which will lead you to a hiding place… could you imagine the whirlwind of fun with twenty odd children? :)

What a great afternoon you two had :)

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