Friday, April 12, 2013

Fire Alarm (I should have been more attentive :)

3am alarmDear Matt and Marcella,

At around 3am this morning your mother woke me up, and you’ll find this as you grow up, waking me up from a deep sleep will take as much effort as putting a man on Pluto, have a full blown barbecue and bring them safely back again.

I woke up as fresh as a thousand year old zombie (who apparently died from drowning in a tub of vodka), to a sound of distant but very annoying ringing... now that I was fully conscious (not), because not for one second did I thought of the ‘ringing’ was the fire alarm. I’d actually went to the cupboards and the alarm clock in the living room hoping to switch the darn thing off.

After a couple of minutes of wandering around, it became apparent that it was the fire alarm... didn’t panic, didn’t run, didn’t scream, didn’t even care, not because I was cool, calm or collective, far from that… I was still half asleep, and considering we are in a 45 storeys building, containing around 490 units, perhaps there should have been more adrenalin rushing through my veins. 

My brain was using Intel 80386 and running windows 3.1, rather than the usual quad core “whatever”, so rather than getting you all together and start our evacuation, I’d decided to walk over to the balcony and looked down at the fire engines. But there were no fire engines! Just a bunch of people (at least 20) milling around. I think my mellowness could have been because of the ‘cry wolf’ syndrome, this wasn’t the first time the alarm had gone off without a cause.

I’d then decided to call the front desk, of course no one answered. So here was the plan, to get dress, walk downstairs, find out exactly what was going on then walk back up to let your mother know exactly what was going on... Trust me at that time in the morning this was the best plan I could come up with, the thought of waking up the both of you at 3am... wow... watching the twilight saga would have been less painful.

So I’d got dress, walked by the elevators hoping it would still be working (no), then headed towards the fire escape, only to find out that the door only opens one way, so there was no way of opening up the fire door to get back onto our floor. I’d thought of jarring the door open, but even that was too stupid for me at 3 in the morning.

So there was no other option than to walk back to the apartment, along the way all our neighbours were out, so we weren’t the only one who was undecided on whether to evacuate. As soon as I got back I gave the front desk another try...

Me:                “Hello”

Front Desk:    “Sawasdee krub”

Me:                “Which floor is burning krub”

Front Desk:    “Don’t know krub, we are still checking”

Me:                “Should we evacuate?”

Front Desk:    “Krub, you should” (I could hear him think, what a ‘buffalo’)

Me:                “Thank you krub”

Of course I did the opposite, and after the conversation I told your mother to go back to sleep, praying that ringing would stop... a few minutes later it did, phewwwww.

Later on in the morning, when all the senses returned to the rightful place, the course of action that I should have taken was to wake you all up, get dress, pick up essential belongings and start the evacuation rather than &^%$*&^ around deciding ‘to go or not to go’, stupid me...

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