Monday, April 8, 2013

Burning up (again)…

Ja Aey Papa

Dearest March,

Can’t believe you are having another bout of a virus infection. Deep down we are not that surprise, the summer this year has been and still is rather brutal, the heat has been incredible, I have never seen the hospital waiting room so full. Someone told me it was 42c (107.6 f) in one of the up country province.

I’d guess it all started on the day this photo was taken (last Friday), during Matt’s and his year singing concert. It was after the event and we didn’t want to be stuck in the school’s traffic so we’d decided to take a walk to the river.

As we were approaching the river, these red ‘toy’ things came into view, the last time I was this surprise (by a toy) was when I was very intoxicated and found an almost man-sized Jenga set in a middle of a pub... on that night, we were definitely the definition of a disaster :)

The last time I’d played connect four was on a mobile phone and haven’t even touched a physical one since the mid 80s (haa haa haa).

You’d thought it was a great place to play peek-a-boo (or Ja-Aey in Thai), although the holes did defeat the point of the game but you didn’t seem to care, haa haa haa.

By the time we got home your hands and feet were hot to the touch, so we went into the autopilot mode and didn’t think much of it, there were plenty of medicine in the fridge to take care of a light fever. I’d thought this bout would be just like Matt’s, as he also had a fever just a week earlier, and it had only lasted a day before everything went back to normal.

But it didn’t for you, in fact it got worse, usually you would remain cheerful even at higher temperatures, but not this time, you were really different. Didn’t want to eat, didn’t want to play and spent pretty much the whole time clinging to either your mother or me.

We have been back to the Dr. twice now in about 3 days, today just to get a second opinion as small bumps were appearing all over your body, the Dr. confirmed that the high temp. was caused by a virus infection, and there is nothing much we can do but to treat each symptom as it comes… get well soon baby :)

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