Friday, February 8, 2013

Panicking at Soi Burirom 4 – 4 days later

It has been four days since the fire, decided to take a little walk down the side street to see the extent of the damage. As mentioned in an earlier post, the ending could have been a lot worse, if the fire was to happen during the night it would have been a totally different story.

Gas CanistersBurirom4Unlike in the UK, we get our cooking gas delivered in different size canisters, and it isn’t too far from imagination if one of these were to go off due to the fire.

I am assuming that most households would have at least one or two of these in their home (that’s why all stoves are electric in the modern Condominiums (no gas allowed), a bit of a slight safety hazard to have a 400 room condo filled with 400+ gas canisters, sounds like a good beginning for a Hollywood movie).

From a quick glance, it looks like two and a half roof / second floor were affected, in a more densely populated area it isn’t uncommon to hear ten or twenty houses disappeared due to the blaze, I’d guess they will have to fix this fast as the monsoon season isn’t too far away.

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