Thursday, February 28, 2013

No place like home?

Do you know how loud Thai buses are? Even Sleeping Beauty would find it hard to keep her eyes shut and snores her way through even the shortest of journey.

Mobile Home Framed

All regular bus users would find the scene in front of me quite normal, even mundane, and this certainly wasn’t the first time I’ve seen a young kid, who is probably the son/grandson of either the driver or the conductor, relaxing on the bus :)

Don’t quite know why but at first I was quite sad at what I was seeing, thousand of scenarios could have been played out before ending with the scene above, after pointlessly running though some of them, the most important thing came through, at least he was safe sleeping on the bus with his parents by his side…

Or if you are a cynic, which most of us tend to be (I can here ‘Speak for yourself, sir, there isn’t an ounce of cynic in me’ :), then this kid have been on a nine hours stint of under age binge drinking, who was then caught by his dad, who had decided to let him sleep it off before giving him a good hiding once home… oh just kidding :)

If the most simplistic answer tends to be the right answer, then this kid was tired during his way home and decided to crash on the gearbox, no need for Sherlock after all :)

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