Wednesday, February 13, 2013

LEGOs Vision, I need it back.

I wonder at what age do children lose their "LEGOs Vision"? I am so old now that I have forgotten I ever had it, but after talking to many friends with a child (or in many cases, children), and from my own experience, it had become so clear that all children possess this extraordinary ability.

SONY DSCLike a super secretive military grade radar embedded in their brain, with the sole purpose of plotting out all LEGOs at floor level within a 300 miles radius, even at the luminance of 0 lux, even against LEGO friendly camouflage background, this ‘ability’ is so amazing I am totally convince if you throw a hundred LEGO into a black hole, a child will easily end up discovering a hundred and one.

What is even more amazing, is how those positions of LEGOs are then transferred from the data bank to their feet. While running at full pelt they can effortlessly glide pass all the LEGOs (lots and lots of LEGOs) without even coming close to one.

Not sure if a pain scale exists, but I am sure if there is, stepping on a LEGO will be a there at the apex of pain, and all pain shall be measured against it.

I want this ability back... I need this ability... we have LEGOs strewn on the floor right now, we have had it for the past couple of years, and with his sister growing up fast we shall continue to have LEGOs strewn on the floor for the next eternity and a half.

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